Saigon, Vietnam

Pictures of Ho Chi Minh City (informally, Saigon) in 2024.

Main roads are wide and busy. Thirteen million residents generate a lot of traffic.
A good and filling lunch.
Celebrating 70 years since ejecting the French.
A buddhist temple.
Tank 960.
About tank 960.
The park at the junction of Hoàng Văn Thụ and Phan Đình Giót.
People here eat well but are nearly all slim, like this person for example.
A dragonfly
A regrettable and (at least in the UK) little known episode in British history.
A large supermarket.
Fresh fish in the supermarket.
Geese in the park.
A Buddhist temple.
"The Party Committee, the government and the people of Ho Chi Minh City actively study, practice and follow Ho Chi Minh's ideals, ethics and style" (according to Bing translate).
Landmark 81, the tallest in Vietnam.
The lower floors have a shopping mall and the mall has an ice rink!
Landmark 81's neighbours.