Asunción, Paraguay

Pictures of Asunción, la República del Paraguay, in 2023 - 2024.

Plaza Italia park, as seen from the entrance on Ygatymí.
Mercado 4 as seen from the 38 bus.
A block of flats.
A closer view of the three-wheeler.
Yerba mate, a drink I enjoyed every day.
A sadly neglected building.
A "canasto" for household rubbish. Rubbish is collected multiple days per week!
An orange tree in the street.
Another three wheeler.
A restaurant.
Santiago Peña won the election held on April 30, 2023.
A scene in Carlos Antonio López park.
A shop selling empanadas and other foods, plus meals for consumption at the table in front.
Wall murals.
Arrival of a ferry.
The Palacio de los López, the presidential palace. If there is a typical tourist picture of Asunción then this picture is more or less it.
A blocks of flats, as seen from the courtyard of the Museo Casa de la Independencia.
Street scene.
A rooftop view.
La policía assembled on the occasion of a public meeting.
A public meeting in Plaza Constitución.
The Palacio during el presidente's inauguration, August 15th, 2023.
Part of the policía presence during the inaugural ceremonies.
Asunción Cathedral.
A street scene.
Basic School number 8.
More murals.
A fire station.
A training establishment.
A statue in Carlos Antonio López park.
Figurines for sale in Areguá.
Lake Ypacaraí, as seen from San Bernardino.
Dancers performing on the occasion of a farmers' fair.
The central hospital.
A baked corn snack.
In C.A.López park: no climbing on the ping pong table.
An event in Plaza Italia park.
The traditional road surface - an effective speed limiter!
Trees in C.A.López park.
A corner shop on Colón and Jejuí.
A fine specimen of an empanada.
A guaraná flavoured drink.
Carts used for street cleaning.